Our boys mean the world to us, and they love their jobs, so please take a moment to say hello to them if you meet them at a show. They love the attention!


Relente (Ren) is a 15.1hh Andalusian gelding, born in 2005, who came over from Malaga as a six year old. Teejay bought him from a video, having never actually met him before he arrived at the yard. He turned up in the biggest horsebox in the world, the last horse left, and when he finally stepped off the ramp he looked like a 12.2hh pony! However, he has since grown and filled out (and some!) and is now a strapping chunky boy who can carry a fully armoured knight all day, and still show off to the crowd! He loves attention, and will only perform if he has an audience, so practicing at home is a nightmare... we have to find any spare bodies we can on the yard to come and cheer him on!

Ren is a very sweet natured horse, and loves to learn new tricks. He is a great trick riding horse, an experience jouster, and most of all he enjoys working at liberty as it means he gets to chase his mum around the ring!


Vagabond (Baggy) is a 15.3hh Welsh section D gelding, born in 2006, who came to us from a friend of ours after deciding he didn't really want to be a show jumper! He is a typical Welsh - very slow to trust but once he trusts you he will do anything you ask. He is our best jousting horse, and regularly plays the Black Knight's horse as he enters the arena like a fire breathing dragon! His favourite thing is going really fast and hitting things hard so as you can imagine he is well suited to his job!

He loves to learn, and tries very hard to get it right. He is also our best teaching horse for our trick riding lessons, as he has a great deal of patience and is very well balanced. 

Baggy took a while to get used to the public when he first started going out to shows with us, he didn't really understand why all these small noisy people were trying to touch him, but now he loves that part of the day almost as much as Relente, and gets most upset if anyone walks by without saying hello!


Aramis (Yme) is a 15.2hh baroque Friesian stallion, born in 2008. He rides and drives, does some high school including passage, piaffe and Spanish walk, and he bows. He's a lovely laid back boy, and you would never know he's a stallion from his attitude... he much prefers his food to girls! He has already proved a great asset to the team, loving his jousting, and we're looking forward to showing him off in our shows.


Apache (Jim) is a 16.1hh Appaloosa gelding, born in 2012.. Appaloosas mature very slowly so we are allowing Jim to go at his own pace and learn things gradually. He has already participated in a few jousting shows, and shows no fear when it comes to carrying flags and hitting things with big pointy sticks! He is also very clever and we will in time train him up to do some 'clever horse' tricks such as bowing, laying down, crossing his legs, counting etc. 


Chapiri (Chips or Li'l Yella!) is a 15.1hh Spanish gelding, born in 2011, who came over from Spain Easter 2018. He has been through lots of dealers yards while in Spain, and has become very self sufficient as a result. He has not 'shut down' like so many Spainsh horses do though, and enjoys a cuddle. He has already proved to be a great addition to the team, jousting and trick riding like an old pro! He is also competing with Relente to be the biggest attention seeker, so Relente had better up his game!!


Napleon (Po) is sadly no longer with us. He was our little lion in our circus shows, but unfortunately he had a heart defect and we lost him in January at less than two years old. He loved being part of our shows and was the biggest showman of us all!

Sleep tight little lion... always in our hearts x