Tom Armstrong-Frost


Tom has been around the theatre all his life - appearing in and working behind the scenes on school plays, and later in amateur theatre, where he discovered his love of making people laugh. He rode as a child, and later in Historical reenactment groups, as well as ground crewing for Historical jousts, but his ambitions at that time only stretched as far as one day jousting himself.

It wasn't until later, when he met his partner Teejay, a circus performer and trick rider, that he realised the two things he loved most could be combined. As well as an accomplished trick jouster, he is now the team's director, stage manager and prop maker.

He has also ridden in several top movies and TV series, such as Vanity Fayre, Mary Queen of Scots and Game of Thrones.


Teejay Brennand

Teejay grew up around horses, learning to ride at the tender age of 3, and working in all spheres of the horse world as soon as she was old enough. At 17 she ran away to the circus, and spent the next year learning the ropes and travelling with Roberts' Brothers Super Circus, where she found her calling.

Having briefly veered off track to get married and have two amazing children, she soon realised that the world of live entertainment was where she belonged, and made her way back, working for various trick riding teams and learning her trade as she went, until she met her partner Tom and together they began Steamhorse.

Teejay is now the team's horse trainer and show choreographer.

Fern Laurie

Fern is our head ground crew and organises us all for shows, as well as baking yummy goodies for us and making us eat when we're away and forget!

She has worked with animals all over the world, including a circus and with film horses in Australia, and is now training up to become a trick rider for us.

When she is not working for us, Fern is helping to rehabilitate horses and ponies for the wonderful World Horse Welfare organisation.

Jess Newton

Jess has recently joined our team as a trainee, and is now our head groom in charge of the day to day care of the horses. She is learning to joust and trick ride, and helps with the training of the horses.

She has been riding for most of her life, and would like to go on to a career with film horses. We hope she'll stay with us for a while yet!

Damian Trevitt

Damian is one of our trick riders, and has taken part in trick riding and jousting shows all over the country. If you look closely, you may even have spotted him riding in some of the recent Blockbuster movies! 

He has ridden from a very young age, and owns several horses of his own.

Damian usually rides Vagabond in our shows, and the two of them have great fun as they both enjoy going very fast!

James Parry

This flamboyant young man has recently joined the team. Having had horses all his life, he has turned his hand to practically every discipline in the equine world, and is at present working towards becoming a BHS Stage 5 Performance Coach, which is a high achievement for one so young!  Alongside this he is currently studying at hartpury university doing a BSC in Equestrian Sports Coaching.

Having competed at Grand Prix dressage for a number of years he is the team's self proclaimed High School Dressage rider! He started in the industry at the age of 16, determined to learn to trick ride and has flourished since. You’ll likely see him riding Aramis prancing around being fabulous together!